EvoSmile to Offer Free Dental Exams On Site!

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Kentfield, CA (10/09/2017) – According to the American Dental Association’s website, “Patients with severe cognitive impairment, including dementia, are at increased risk for caries [cavities], periodontal disease [tooth loss], and oral infection because of decreased ability to engage in self-care. Education of the caregiver, as well as the patient, is an important part of the prevention and disease management phase of dental care.”

In addition, older adults with dementia-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease are at increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease and may lose their ability to brush their teeth effectively. They may pay less attention to personal grooming and medications may complicate their oral health (alz.org).

In a report from the American Academy of Periodontology, “several studies have shown that periodontal disease is associated with heart disease. While a cause-and-effect relationship has not yet been proven, research has indicated that periodontal disease increases the risk of heart disease. Scientists believe that inflammation caused by periodontal disease may be responsible for the association.

These findings highlight the need for continued oral care and dental checkups for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We’ve been advocates for proper dental care for some time now, and last year had a visit from local dentist, Dr. Igor Ochev.

After his visit, Dr. Ochev expressed a desire to assist WindChime with the dental care for our residents. He took a step closer, recently, when he donated a dental examination chair to WindChime. The next step is the acquisition of dental instruments, after which, Dr. Ochev will offer free check-ups and cleaning for our residents! Dr. Ochev is committed to helping our residents maintain good dental health, and we look forward to building our relationship with his office. You can read more about Dr. Ochev’s practice at EvoSmile.com.

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