Resident Joyce Vedder Rides a Roller Coaster

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San Rafael, CA (06/30/2017) – “Everybody likes a roller coaster ride.” ~ Pete Waterman

You might disagree with Mr. Waterman, but we had a mission to fulfill and nothing was going to get in our way, not even a wishy-washer wisher. Last month, one of our residents, Joyce Vedder, remarked that she would like to go on a roller coaster ride. Well, serendipity is a wonderful thing but sometimes it needs a little help. Fortunately for us, the Marin County Fair was in town over the Fourth of July holiday, so we took the opportunity to make Joyce’s dream happen.

We also combined our artistic skills and imagination by entering a decorated bicycle wheel into the competitive exhibits of the fair. We prepared by cutting out pictures from magazines that reminded us of summer and our favorite things. We also colored and painted designs of things important to us. Then with a little scanning, editing and laminating, we prepared the wheel and delivered it to the fair for the competition. Then we had to be patient until June 30th, opening day.

After arriving at the fair and parking the bus, we entered the air-conditioned coolness of the art exhibition, one of the best places to be on a hot day. After a bit of searching, we found our bicycle wheel and discovered we had won an Honorable Mention in the Group/Family category!

Success breeds confidence, so we continued our trek out into the heat of the day and made our way to…The Worm!

Once we arrived, Joyce was a little wary, but when fellow resident Irene said she would go, Joyce forged ahead and the Worm was soon to be conquered. Joyce and Irene settled in their seats and shot off on two trips of the worst the Worm could throw at them. When the cars pulled to a stop, both ladies remarked how much fun it was and we were able to help Joyce make her dream come true!

With The Worm was vanquished, we began our trek back across the bridge to the Ferris wheel, where we all climbed aboard for a bird’s-eye view of the fairgrounds.

As we touched down again, resident Jack Johnson took a detour through the Bonsai, before we all headed back to the bus for lunch and the return ride to WindChime.

Livin’ The Dream is a signature Vibrant Life® program, one of many that helps our residents stay connected to their dreams as well as to the community.
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