Students From San Domenico School Visit Our Residents

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Kentfield, CA (January 10, 2017) – Students from the San Domenico School Service Club visited Windchime residents again, and brought their musical talents and youthful energy with them to brighten a rain-soaked morning.

Despite the raging storm and an unexpected fire alarm at Windchime our visit today was really sweet. Gail wrote a special message for us:

“Valdete, the Activity Coordinator had three different projects planned for the residents and students, but when one of the residents mistakenly pulled the fire alarm, she wasn’t able to get residents where they needed to be for the activities. In the end, we broke into two activities – a large storytelling faction and a smaller bocce/balloon volleyball/dance/whatever-they-could-think-up group.

The big group sat in a circle “storytelling” – an activity where someone reads a prompt like, “Where was your favorite vacation?” and people around the circle share their memories. It is really positive for the residents as it exercises memory functions, recalls happy times, and helps connect them with the students.

One of the residents asked the group what their favorite song was. That led to a round of name that tune with Glenn Miller, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra. It was really touching to watch the seniors perk up and start singing along to You Made Me Love You and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. As a special treat, Charlotte played the ukulele and the students sang along to a current song, entertaining the residents with their voices.

The smaller (and very resourceful) group spent time with the residents who are less mobile and interactive. Those 5 students did an incredible job of making it work with a variety of games as well as just talking to the residents, one on one. For example, Lotte met a woman named Agnes who spoke German so they had a conversation in that language.

I was so proud of all the students and so appreciative of the parent chaperones as they rolled with the confusion and made the most of their time with the residents whatever they were doing.

Regardless of what they do when they visit Windchime, the students (and parents) provide so much joy and positive energy for all the seniors at the facility just by being there. On this dark, stormy day, the Service Club brought sunshine to Windchime.”

Windchime is so grateful for the efforts of our volunteers. A big THANK YOU to the San Domenico School Service Club and chaperones!

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