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Kentfield, CA (04/28/17) – “Strange as it may seem, my life is based on a true story.” ~ Ashleigh Brilliant (English author and cartoonist.)

High School Athlete; Woodland Firefighter; Army Veteran; Sharpshooter; Dam Builder; Double-Degree Holder; Adventure Traveler; Diamond Miner.

Any of these titles by itself would be an impressive mark on one’s resume. But to have all of them, you would have to be John “Jack” Johnson.

“This Is Your Life”– one of the Vibrant Life® Signature Programs – was created to recognize the personal life stories and accomplishments of our residents, to create a greater sense of social connectivity between residents and families, and to inspire residents to share their life stories and achievements with others.

After several months of interviews and collecting old letters, photos and memorabilia with the help of Jack’s better half, Jane McKenzie, we were ready to put a bird’s eye view of Jack’s life together for a presentation to the WindChime Community.

We gathered together twenty-five residents and family members to hear Jack’s life story, with the hi-lights being illustrated with a PowerPoint presentation, and the fine details being colored in by Jack’s (and his brother, Hal’s) recollections.

WindChime is proud to celebrate our resident’s lives and we value their experiences. #BEFAMILY!

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