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Kentfield, CA (January 2017) – At WindChime of Marin, our charming home-like environment enables us to pay special attention to the residents and their specific needs. We are now committed to take that one step further, with the introduction of our Vibrant Life® program.

We recently introduced this program to family members during a launch party in the WindChime community room.

Windchime Executive Director Christine Yedica and Vibrant Life Director Valdete Lane, described the program and smartphone app, which enables family members to receive real-time notification of the daily activities of their loved ones.

The Vibrant Life® program consists of 7 core components to foster the overall well-being of our residents. These 7 components include: Be Inspired, Be Well, Be Challenged, Be Adventurous, Be Family, Be Social, and Be Connected. Click here for more information on the 7 components.

In order to promote the ongoing focus of these core components, we have created the following 4 signature programs to ensure our residents experience a Vibrant life®.

PATH TO WELLNESS is a program that encompasses all aspects of wellness with tiers of achievement too encourage participation and provide the satisfaction of personal accomplishment.

LIVIN’ THE DREAM is a program designed to take our resident’s dreams and make them a reality. THIS IS YOUR LIFE encourages social connectivity. Individual residents are showcased throughout the year to share their life stories and accomplishments.

VIBRANT LIFE® INSPIRES promotes the ability to give back to the local community through charitable endeavors.

The goal of the Vibrant Life® program is to improve resident and family satisfaction by improving our programming content. Our desire is that the Vibrant Life® program will help provide opportunities for greater family interactions and the ability to connect with fellow residents and the community at large. This will ultimately lead to a better sense of well-being, and a feeling of living a more purposeful life.

Smartphone App

A unique feature of the Vibrant Life® program, which we’re very excited about, is smartphone Sagely Family app, which is available for both Apple and Android platforms.

With the Sagely Family app, residents and their families can stay in touch simply and securely. Families can see real-time updates on their loved one’s class participation and activities throughout the day.

The first step is to send an e-mail to WindChime’s Vibrant Life Director at, and provide your name and e-mail address so that we can send you an invitation to join Sagely. You will then receive an e-mail invitation to activate your account.

Next, either go to the Apple App Store for Apple products (iPhone, iPad), or the Google Play Store for Android products and download the Sagely Family app. Your username will be the e-mail address you provided to Valdete and the password will be one you choose.

Once you log-in to the app, you’ll be able to view the activity calendar, get real-time updates of activities as they occur, and access real-time photo sharing as they engage in those activities. In the event you don’t have a smartphone, you’ll still be able to receive e-mail updates either daily or weekly, depending on your preference.

With the addition of the Vibrant Life® program and the Sagely Family app, our residents will enjoy a more meaningful, connected, and active lifestyle. Please join us on Sagely today.

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