Windchime of Marin Offers On-Site Dental Care

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Dental care is an important predictor of overall health outcomes, and the importance of maintaining healthy habits should not be ignored.

Receiving dental care can be challenging for residents with dementia. Having to deal with transportation, trauma, confusion and even the possibility of needing sedation sometimes prevents elders from receiving the dental treatment they need.

Fortunately, at WindChime of Marin, we have been provided with a courteous gift to help with these challenges.

Dr. Igor Ochev, a local dentist, has donated a dental chair to provide on-site dental services with an integrated dental cleaning unit that WindChime of Marin’s owner, Steve Mellema, has purchased for the community. Thanks to both of their efforts, Dr. Ochev will now regularly visit our community to provide cleaning and preventive care to our residents.

The addition of on-site dental care is one of the many elements that helps WindChime of Marin continue to provide the vital necessities for our residents.

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