Vibrant Life

Living a Vibrant Life® at any age is a life worth living

Vibrant Life®

The key to living is to live vibrantly at WindChime of Marin!

Living a Vibrant Life® at any age is a life worth living. At WindChime of Marin, residents take part in Vibrant Life®, an innovative program allowing residents to create their own schedule. Thoughtfully designed to connect you with family, friends and the community, our Vibrant Life program truly inspires, challenges – even dares you to be adventurous.

With a host of optional outings, you create your own schedule based on your interests, preferences, routines and abilities.

7 Main Components

Be Inspired
Gain a deeper sense of spirituality and feed the soul!
Be Well
Intellectual stimulation, get moving and stay active!
Be Challenged
Ignite competitive spirit, learn, grow and be motivated!
Be Adventurous
Try something new every day, explore and experience the unique!
Be Family
Cherish family connections, share and continue family traditions!
Be Social
Embrace friendships, celebrate the moments, talk, laugh and listen!
Be Connected
Engage in meaningful community involvement, share experiences and expertise!


Path to Wellness at WindChime of Marin

At WindChime of Marin, we believe wellness is an active process, which means it takes time, intentionality, and attention to all the different aspects of life. Our community meets residents where they are on their wellness journey and encourages them to choose their own Path to Wellness by getting involved in activities that interest them to stay fit, happy and healthy. Residents may participate in individual or group wellness programming, including on-site physical therapy services provided by ONR.  

Integral Senior Living encompasses three steppingstones to assist residents on their Path to Wellness.  

Path to Wellness Steppingstones:


One challenge at a time

Build a healthy brain path by completing word puzzles, reading, participating in trivia contests and more.


One step at a time

Walk the path to wellness through walking groups, group exercise classes and fitness challenges.


One reflection at a time

Discover your personal path to mindfulness through meditation, self-reflection, and breathing techniques and exercises.

Interested in learning more about how to take the first step toward your Path to Wellness at WindChime of Marin? Contact us.

Integral Senior Living, and its ISL INSPIRES program, where we give back, is proud to partner with 4MOM Charity to help raise money to fight Alzheimer’s. A lot of hands have already joined in, and we’re looking forward to putting on events at ISL communities across the country to continue this important work. While there is always more that can be done to help the Alzheimer’s community, there is no doubt that this partnership will make a significant impact toward the first survivor of Alzheimer’s.


Ready with Open Arms

Windchime staff have gone above and beyond to make my mom feel welcome and at home. We needed to move in urgently and they were ready for us with open arms. The staff continue to show love and care every moment while accommodating her specific needs. We are pleased to have become part of the Windchime family.

— Corinne B

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