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We’d love to go on about all the ways WindChime of Marin can accommodate and cater to you, but the residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.

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A Godsend for my Father

I could perhaps add many specific examples of the kind of care that has earned my praise and deep gratitude. I could also add that I have seen the staff deal with lots of other residents over the years, and have also witnessed how they have adjusted their approaches to my dad as he has slowly declined…and this is just more testimony to the skill and devotion of the staff there. WindChime has been a godsend for my father, for me, and for all the other members of my family.

— Rich H.

I Never Felt Alone

Choosing a care home for your family member is a daunting task- lots of choices, promises and features that your loved one may or may not ever take advantage of.. not to mention the sticker shock of dementia care. What I learned in this process is that it is really about the people. A caring staff keeps a clean and safe facility. A well-supported staff has what they need to succeed in providing care and compassion. The Windchime staff not only did wonderful job of caring for my mother but also provided me with gracious understanding and support as we navigating her present and her passing. I never felt alone in the challenges that memory care creates on a daily basis. I found everyone responsive and willing to make things better. This was true of the day staff and the night staff as I visited at various times and days of the week. Windchime may not be the fanciest place you visit but it is the richest in what matters the most- a place where each resident is respected for who they are now, regardless of who they were before the heartbreak of memory loss.

— Linda R.

Ready with Open Arms

Windchime staff have gone above and beyond to make my mom feel welcome and at home. We needed to move in urgently and they were ready for us with open arms. The staff continue to show love and care every moment while accommodating her specific needs. We are pleased to have become part of the Windchime family.

— Corinne B

WindChime is Like Family

The final several months of our mother’s life were spent in an environment that seemed to have been designed with her in mind. The late-stage dementia behaviors she exhibited were met with kindness, warmth, and safety. The people at WindChime seemed to regard her (and me!) as a member of their own family, consistently adapting the physical and emotional environment to accommodate her ever-changing needs, and communicating with me openly, honestly, and compassionately. As conversations these days so often turn toward finding the best care for aging parents, I am so pleased to be able to share my experiences at WindChime with others looking for help in this complex situation. When children become responsible for taking care of our parents, WindChime is the place to go to find the care, kindness, and security we need.

— Matt K. & Ellen M.

WindChime “Gets It”

My mother has been living at WindChime for about a year now and it has been excellent for her. Previously she lived at a large assisted living community that also provided memory care and the quality of care was not at the same level. At WindChime, they specialize in memory care only. As a result, the staff are carefully screened for the unique personality and extraordinary patience which is required to care for people with Dementia. People either have this love and empathy for others in their hearts…or they do not. The staff at WindChime “gets it.” If you are evaluating WindChime for your family member, you have found the right place.

— Karen B.

Your help and your interest in caring for him made it easier for all of us

I want to thank you – each of you – for your patience and kindness in caring for my husband. These past six months have been difficult for him and for our entire family. Your help and your interest in caring for him made it easier for all of us. I thank you, especially for making the effort to get to know him. I know he appreciated your concern and caring even though he was unable to express it. I will be eternally grateful for all you did for him – and for me. Wishing each one of you the very best.

— Pat K. and Family

Our whole family always feels welcome at my mother’s new home

I am writing to thank everyone at WindChime of Marin for all of the thoughtful care you are giving to my mother. I have seen that she is safe, clean, well-fed and active in a caring homelike environment. The whole staff is always active and considerate of their precious charges and everyone works very well at each of their duties. Our whole family always feels welcome at my mother’s new home.

— Reni R.

My Dad is in Great Hands

I highly recommend WindChime of Marin. We placed my 78-year-old father who has Alzheimer’s at WindChime 18 months ago. The [community] is clean and well-appointed, the food is nutritious and tasty, and the care staff is incredibly loving, patient and kind. The activities are thoughtfully planned and tailored to the unique needs and abilities of dementia patients. During COVID-19 they have gotten very creative in trying new activities.

The staff is in frequent contact with me to report on my dad’s weight, appetite and any changes to my dad’s health and well-being. They have correctly and appropriately sought out medical care for my dad when it is needed. WindChime’s administrative staff is very responsive to my questions and open to feedback. They listen and care and are always looking for ways to improve. WindChime has many long-time employees who have been there for 10+ years, which says a lot.

It is very difficult to make the decision to place a beloved family member in a memory care [community]. WindChime has been as good as it gets for my dad. He is happy there, loves the care staff and I believe is in great hands.

— Chris G.

WindChime has been a Savior

I'd like to send a shout-out to WindChime’s whole staff for the care they’ve given my mother for the last five and a half years. My mom is 96 now and doing well. Like everyone else, she and I were both terrified by the pandemic that hit the world, including WindChime. But I’ve been impressed by the professional, compassionate approach that the administration has taken to protect the residents and staff. WindChime has been Covid-free for a long time and we are all grateful and relieved. It’s been great to visit my mom again safely with masks through plexiglass.

The reason I brought my mother to WindChime in 2015 was the quality and kindness of the caregivers. I’ve learned over the years that the entire staff offers the same goodwill and capability, from the excellent chefs to the housekeepers and directors. I never expected that my mom would reside in a care [community] and always intended to be her caregiver – until that became impossible. The whole situation was heartbreaking. So, I’m very grateful that at WindChime I can still see her daily and participate in her care. And the wonderful activities she can now enjoy are far beyond what I could’ve provided for her myself.

WindChime has been a savior for both me and my mom. I don’t know how we could’ve handled my mom’s care without them.

— Roberta A.

A lot of people are playing cards, doing puzzles, or talking to dad

My dad has moved into WindChime of Marin. We really like the people there that we met. It’s one of the places that’s close to my sister. We really like their outside garden area. My dad has just started this week and he’s in quarantine. We went and met with them outside because of COVID. You can meet with people outside with masks on but you can’t go inside. They just re-did the [community], so it’s very nice, very clean, and very well lit. From the outside looking in, it looks really nice and my dad likes his room. They get a lot of nursing services. Because of COVID, they’re not going into the hospital. They have a lot of nursing students who are finishing up their nursing and needed experience. My dad got a lot of people who are playing cards with him, doing puzzles with him, or talking to him. They’re trying to keep them somewhat isolated. It’s kind of hard because he forgets why he is supposed to be isolated. They did COVID testing before he went in, and they did COVID testing once he was in there. I thought they’re taking COVID very seriously in there, i.e., practicing good safety protocols. The staff members have all been super, super nice and cooperative when they have to come over and meet my dad and do an evaluation with him. We have spoken to the director, who was very nice. When my dad went there, they all came out and greeted him. It was very nice.

— Mimi

My Dad is Safe and Happy

After looking at centers all over the Bay Area we decided to place my dad in WindChime of Marin. My dad has been there for the last several months in the time of COVID. We feel he is safe there. They take every precaution to continually test and clean and follow all safety procedures. Most importantly, my dad is very happy there. The staff is very kind and friendly. They give him excellent care. He participates in way more activities than in his former independent living home. He enjoys Morning Melodie, Daily News, Walking Club, Chair Yoga, pet visits and more. When able we take him for walks along the beautiful trail next door. The courtyard and patio are beautiful and he likes to sit outside and watch the fall leaves. They also allow visits from his 13-year-old lab. My dad always looks well-groomed with clean clothes and is very happy.

— Mimi, Eileen and Kathy


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