We’d love to go on about all the ways WindChime of Marin can accommodate and cater to you, but the residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.

WindChime has been a godsend for my father
I could perhaps add many specific examples of the kind of care that has earned my praise and deep gratitude. I could also add that I have seen the staff deal with lots of other residents over the years, and have also witnessed how they have adjusted their approaches to my dad as he has slowly declined…and this is just more testimony to the skill and devotion of the staff there. WindChime has been a godsend for my father, for me, and for all the other members of my family.
Rich H.
The people at WindChime regard her (and me!) as a member of their own family
The final several months of our mother’s life were spent in an environment that seemed to have been designed with her in mind. The late-stage dementia behaviors she exhibited were met with kindness, warmth, and safety. The people at WindChime seemed to regard her (and me!) as a member of their own family, consistently adapting the physical and emotional environment to accommodate her ever-changing needs, and communicating with me openly, honestly, and compassionately. As conversations these days so often turn toward finding the best care for aging parents, I am so pleased to be able to share my experiences at WindChime with others looking for help in this complex situation. When children become responsible for taking care of our parents, WindChime is the place to go to find the care, kindness, and security we need.
Matt K./Ellen M. Family
The staff at WindChime “gets it”
My mother has been living at WindChime for about a year now and it has been excellent for her. Previously she lived at a large assisted living community that also provided memory care and the quality of care was not at the same level. At WindChime, they specialize in memory care only. As a result, the staff are carefully screened for the unique personality and extraordinary patience which is required to care for people with Dementia. People either have this love and empathy for others in their hearts…or they do not. The staff at WindChime “gets it.” If you are evaluating WindChime for your family member, you have found the right place.
Karen B.
Your help and your interest in caring for him made it easier for all of us
I want to thank you – each of you – for your patience and kindness in caring for my husband. These past six months have been difficult for him and for our entire family. Your help and your interest in caring for him made it easier for all of us. I thank you, especially for making the effort to get to know him. I know he appreciated your concern and caring even though he was unable to express it. I will be eternally grateful for all you did for him – and for me. Wishing each one of you the very best.
Pat K. and Family
Our whole family always feels welcome at my mother’s new home
I am writing to thank everyone at WindChime of Marin for all of the thoughtful care you are giving to my mother. I have seen that she is safe, clean, well-fed and active in a caring homelike environment. The whole staff is always active and considerate of their precious charges and everyone works very well at each of their duties. Our whole family always feels welcome at my mother’s new home.
Reni R.

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